Locust Season: A Climate Change Tale and its Impact on Truck Deliveries

Colten Nolan
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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, throws a curveball now and then that stumps even the best of us. One such curveball? The locust season. As a team with an extensive background in logistics at, we've seen firsthand how this affects truck drivers and deliveries. Today, we're diving into the science behind locust seasons, their link to climate change, and the impact on the transport sector.

The Usual Suspect: Climate Change and Agricultural Shifts

Locust outbreaks are not random; they are natural consequences of unusual weather events. The recent outbreak began in Oman's desert in 2018 after two cyclones created the ideal conditions for locusts to breed rapidly.

What's behind this sudden surge of locusts? The culprit appears to be climate change, causing an increase in cyclone occurrences in the region, thus creating the perfect breeding grounds for locusts. These rapid shifts pose a serious threat to agriculture in the region, triggering a knock-on effect on truck drivers who depend on agricultural products for deliveries.

Understanding the Ripple Effect: Desertification and Agricultural Loss

Climate change doesn't just bring storms; it leads to desertification, which poses an imminent threat to agriculture in the sub-Saharan region. Planting delays and rainfall deficits cause irreversible damage to the vegetation environment, leading to crop yields falling drastically. This is where the story intersects with the life of truck drivers at, who face the challenge of ensuring that goods still reach their destinations on time.

Forced Migration: The Human Cost

This shift in agriculture has severe human impacts. Climate refugees, mostly comprising farmers and herdsmen, leave their homes, jobs, and land in search of more fertile ground, causing internal conflicts over limited resources. Such large-scale internal displacement adds another level of complexity to the logistics sector, affecting truck delivery schedules and routes.

So, What Now?

At, we're closely monitoring these global shifts. We understand that these seemingly distant issues are interconnected and will have global consequences if not addressed urgently.

Climate change demands new international legal and political frameworks to deal with the growing impacts of desertification, agricultural challenges, and forced migrations. These frameworks are crucial for managing the challenges that the logistics industry, including truck drivers and deliveries, face during locust seasons.

These issues serve as a reminder that it's time for us all to step up and do our part. At, we're committed to doing ours. We urge you to do the same.

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