Classic Car Transportation: Tips for Safe Vintage Shipping

Irwin O'Conner
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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Classic cars are a prized possession for many car enthusiasts and collectors. These vehicles have unique designs and features that make them stand out from modern cars. However, transporting classic cars over long distances can be a daunting task, as these vehicles require special care and attention. In this blog, we will provide some tips on how to safely transport your vintage cars using classic car transportation services.

Tip 1: Choose a reputable classic car transportation company

When it comes to transporting your vintage cars, it's essential to choose a reputable classic car transportation company. Look for a company that has experience in handling classic cars and a proven track record of safe and timely deliveries. Check online reviews and ratings to ensure that you are choosing a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

At Karshypr, we understand the importance of choosing the right transportation company. We work with a network of reputable classic car companies & provide them with elite transportation services to ensure that your vintage cars are transported safely and securely.

Tip 2: Check for insurance coverage

Shipping a vehicle can be a complicated process that involves finding the right driver and ensuring that they have proper insurance coverage. It's important to make sure that your vehicle is protected during transportation, especially if it's a vintage car that holds significant value.

Karshypr's free shipment listing service allows you to select the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle(s) you’re transporting, where it’s located, and where it’s going. Once you list your transport, we notify a fleet of expert drivers that fit your criteria. You can review their past experiences and insurance details before selecting your favorite driver. Throughout the shipping process, you can track the status of your shipment and make a payment online for added peace of mind. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that your vehicles are protected at all times.

Tip 3: Choose the right type of transport

When it comes to transporting classic cars, there are two types of transportation options: enclosed and open transport. Enclosed transport provides more protection for your vintage cars by shielding them from external elements such as weather, road debris, and dust. Open transport, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective option, but it exposes your vintage cars to external elements.

Concerned about classic car transport costs?

At Karshypr, we offer both open transportation and enclosed car hauler trailers for classic car transportation. Open transportation is a great option for those on a budget or transporting a vehicle that can withstand exposure to the elements. Enclosed transportation, on the other hand, offers white-glove services and protection from the elements for classic, exotic, and modded vehicles. Our team will work with you to determine the best type of transportation option based on your needs and budget.

Tip 4: Properly prepare your vintage car for transportation

Before transporting your vintage cars, it's important to prepare them properly. This includes removing any personal items from the car, securing loose parts, and ensuring that the car is in good working condition. You should also take photos of the car's condition before and after transportation.

At Karshypr, as industry experts with experience-driven specialization in handling classic cars, we know how to properly prepare vintage cars for transportation ensuring their safe arrival.

With our trusted and reliable services, we empower classic car owners to safely transport their vintage cars

Tip 5: Understand the cost of transportation

Transporting vintage cars can be costly, and the cost may vary depending on several factors such as distance, type of transport, and insurance coverage. It's important to understand the cost of transportation and budget accordingly. 

At Karshypr, we provide transparent pricing for our classic car transportation services. We are a trusted and reliable classic car transportation company, so you can trust us to provide you with competitive and reasonable pricing options for your vintage car transportation needs.

Transporting vintage cars requires special care and attention, and choosing the right classic car transportation service is crucial to ensure safe and secure transportation. At Karshypr, we work with thousands of vetted transporters to provide hassle-free and reliable transportation service for your vintage cars. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to transport your vintage cars safely and securely.

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